Ice & Snow Damage

24 Hour Emergency Service

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After receiving a devastating call that our lakeside cabin in McCall flooded, we made what turned out to be a great decision by calling Disaster Response. Within 30 minutes of our first call the team at Disaster Response was on-site handling the cleanup. This is truly a one stop shop as they handled everything from the initial cleanup, demolition, mitigation and complete remodel of our entire cabin. Beau, Brett and the entire crew provided prompt and professional service from start to finish. They worked directly with our insurance company and the insurance adjuster to make sure our cabin was restored on budget, on time and the finished product looked as good as if not better than the original construction. My wife and I are truly grateful for the attention to detail and professional service that we received from Disaster Response and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services!

Call Disaster Response to repair damage from ice damming and heavy snow loads.

Ice Damming

In our climate snow and ice can do a lot of damage to your home. Cold winter conditions can cause ice damming to back up on your roof eaves and valleys. The ice will work its way under the roofing materials and then expands, tearing your roofing materials apart. As things warm up it melts through the seems or tears your underlayment and drips into your attic and home. Ice damming can cause serious damage to your home both to the roof and the inside of the home as water works its way down. Disaster Response has equipment and techniques to remove the ice damming from your home without damaging your roofing. If the damage has already gone to far Disaster Response can repair or replace your roof and/or dry out and repair the interior of you attic and home.

Snow Loads

We can often get deep heavy snowfall in our area. Roof systems are designed by code in each area to carry determined amounts of snow load. With heavy and wet snow loads it can exceed what your roof system may be designed to carry, causing damage to your roofing materials and even the structural integrity of your home. You can have your roof shoveled, removing the excess load on your roof structure. If you have concerns or the damage has already occurred, Disaster Response can assess your home and help you determine what steps should be taken.

Our Services

Our staff is professionally trained to offer services including:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Ice Dam Removal
  • Snow Removal
  • Water Damage Clean-Up and Dry Out
  • Insurance Claim Estimating and Coordination