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Boise, Idaho

Having referred insurance clients to Disaster Response I’ve been totally satisfied with their responsiveness, communication and professionalism. I refer them with no hesitation and would use them for my own home as well.
Reid Coy
22:44 07 Dec 19
Great customer service, quick turnaround and fairly priced. Great working with them and recommend them highly for any property damage and repair needs.
Jim Nemeth
15:03 05 Dec 19
Great customer service and 5-star quality work with employees who truly care.
Skyla Child
17:08 14 Nov 19
Ken at Disaster Response is a true professional and expert in the field. He communicates well and does all he can to make sure the job is done correctly. Michael and Justin are awesome, hard workers! What was a long process of inspection, insurance evaluation, demolition and repair was made much less stressful knowing the pros at Disaster Response had my back! I hope I never need their services again, but if I do, they’ll be the first ones I call!
DMM Hacks
23:40 28 Sep 19
Disaster Response responded quickly and provided excellent service. They knew what to do and were able to help prevent further water damage after our sump pump broke and allowed water into our basement. They showed up when they said they would and were always very professional. Mike, Justin and Ken are the best!
Margie Zamzow
02:33 14 Jun 19
Disaster Response, originally of McCall, has opened an office in Boise. This company saved my house and my sanity back when my ice maker failed, and ran water all night, flooding my house. They came all the way from McCall and showed up in less than 3 hours from the time of my call to set up their equipment, and begin to mitigate the water damage. Since I have 1200 square feet of hardwood floor, this was no small task. Disaster Response's experts are easy to communicate with. They complete all the clean up, and act as the go-between with the insurance company, in order to make a disastrous experience as easy, and painless as possible. When my event was over, it was as though nothing had ever happened. There are a lot of restoration companies out there, but these guys are the best there is. And their long experience as the premier restoration company in McCall, guarantees that you have the most qualified, capable experts in fire and water damage to help you through your worst household nightmare and make it a good experience.When you have that day you hope will never come, the day the world throws you a curve and you get a flood or fire, or wind damage, or any other disaster--call Disaster Response. They will save the day, and make it a sunny day after all.??⚡❄️⛈️?️??☄️??
Marri Champie
20:13 07 Mar 18
If you’re looking for a company that exemplifies quality work, a knowledgeable skilled team of professionals with years of experience and one that provides great customer service from start to finish, look no further! Not only are their technicians highly skilled but the integrity and leadership within this company is what truly sets them apart! I have had the privilege to meet key players within this team at local charity events as well, and I can tell you first hand they are community centered! No job is too big or too small so let Disaster Response of Boise be your next call!
Angie Wilson
17:41 07 Mar 18
I have worked with the owner of this company for over 15 years. He is and has always been professional and always invests himself personally in the process of the perfect, final product. Be it a new home or the rebuilding of a home, the quality and service is unsurpassed! I have been fortunate enough to be a material provider for this company for many years and have seen the incredible work and attention to detail that is provided. The service and the end product is always amazing! If you need a company that “Gets up and Shows up” as I say, this is that company. Disaster Response will not disappoint!Gino JohnsonCSR RepFranklin Building Supply
Gino Johnson
13:37 07 Mar 18
We had a flood in the middle of the night. Disaster Response arrived quickly with all necessary equipment. The damage was minimized by their quick containment. My house was dried out, repaired and put back in better than new condition in no time. The employees are all very polite, professional and extremely knowledgeable in their field. I highly recommend them.
Sybil Hawkins
01:39 07 Mar 18
Great company to work with! We had a flood and they were right there from day one, handling everything for us! They have done a beautiful job coordinating everything! The guys are very professional—highly recommend them!
Kerry Vanderhoef
22:29 06 Mar 18

Lewiston, Idaho

I had an emergency at my business that was not able to be cleaned by my crew. The welfare of my customers, crew and business were in jeopardy. I called Disaster Recovery expecting a next-day response. Instead they were on the scene in 15 minutes. They physically cleaned the area and ran a 24 hour extra service in my business to make sure the situation was neutralized. I cannot thank Disaster Recovery enough for their professionalism and prompt service.
Matthew Plemmons
01:59 05 Dec 19
We had a water leak causing significant mold and mildew to our home. Mike Mooney was TERRIFIC!! He was professional, very knowledgeable about what needed to be done to repair our home and make sure it was done right. He went to bat for us numerous times with Liberty Mutual, always looking out for our best interests. He ALWAYS responded to our calls and emails. You can't go wrong with Disaster Response!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
16:31 15 Nov 19
Robert Lane’s crew did a great job after a bath tub flood. Each one of the members did excellent work and were very professional.
Jeffrey Kaltenbaugh
17:48 02 Nov 19
Mike Mooney was always very timely and did an extremely thorough job. He was a strong advocate for the homeowner, looking out for their best interest.
Katy Miller
15:30 27 Sep 19
Great outfit to work with! Mike's crew was on time and did a fantastic job! Would highly recommend them to anyone!
Sam Wannamaker
20:32 04 Sep 19
We were very thankful to Mike and his crew. The work was done as quickly as possible and anytime I had a question Mike was easily reached and he worked to solve the issue. They are not just our disaster response crew they have become our friends! Thanks for all the hard work on our behalf.
Carol Tighe
05:44 01 Mar 18
I was very pleased with the knowledge shown by Dallas when I was dealing with him. I asked lots of questions and he was very patient and considerate with him time. He answered my questions in ways that I could understand and did not talk above me. I feel that he is a huge asset to your business and I would do business here again should the need arise.
Loriann Wheatley
00:02 01 Mar 18
Dallas was very compassionate when he came to my house. And very knowledgeable about the steps that needed to be done. He was very polite and always let me know when things where being done. It looks like Dallas and his crew was never here at all. Thank you so much for expertise and reliability.
Josie Miller
23:47 28 Feb 18
A great group of guys. They hired my company to handle their construction Clean-up. The guys were wonderful to work with, the way they care about the work they do and their customers is amazing. The company has always been great about paying my invoices on time. I look forward to continue working with them on more projects in the future .
Bridgette G
19:30 27 Feb 18
After a flooded kitchen, Dallas was very patient waiting for my insurance company to come thru and kept honest detailed accounts. It was a pretty major overhaul, but the crew knew their stuff and were efficient as well. As I am pretty much a neat freak, I have to say they were more than considerate in keeping things orderly, as well as cleaning up after themselves. Definitely a class act. Dallas followed up after each visit from the crew. I called him many times with questions and concerns. He always answered or called me back almost immediately. Loved his ability to explain and relate to appease my anxiety. I now consider him a friend
Fran Leone
04:40 16 Feb 18

McCall, Idaho

Our home was involved in a massive propane explosion that resulted in being out of our home for over seven months. Disaster Response has been our saving grace in a very prolonged rebuild. We have been supported throughout the entire process by their team of professionals who have gone above and beyond to help us meet the challenges. Needless to say we can’t begin to express our thanks and gratitude to all those who have been part of this experience! We highly recommend this team Of dedicated folks! Annelle and Russ Adams
Russell Adams
01:48 10 Oct 19
Disaster Response in McCall was amazing after our water damage from a broken pipe. Chaase made the entire experience as good as one can during the remodel. If there were concerns about the work that had been done he would follow up and make sure things were done correctly
Dan Allumbaugh
22:40 01 Oct 19
No one wants to have to call remediation specialists. No one. But when you have to, call Disaster Response. We had a catastrophic winter time flood in our vacation home that went for days before being detected. Disaster Response was on scene within an hour of our call (on a Sunday night no less) and immediately went to work. This was a "down to the studs" project. They've been great to deal with throughout the rather long process of dealing with the insurance adjuster and the mortgage holder and frankly have handled the whole thing with great communication. I find their workmanship to be excellent and frankly the place is in even better shape than it was. I didn't want to have to call but I'm sure glad when I did, they answered. In our area it's hard to find skilled, reliable and communicative services and I must say Disaster Response has exceeded my expectations on all levels.
John Dillen
21:55 04 Sep 19
I had a home sale in Whitetail, and upon inspection, we had a considerable amount of mold in the crawlspace. I called Ben in McCall and he instilled confidence immediately with my buyers. Ben gave me a timeline when the job would be completed, not only did they meet it, they beat it by one day. We inspected the job with an independent inspector and he found absolutely no evidence of mold. It was a job well done by Disaster Response! Thanks to Ben and the crew for saving this real estate transaction. I would highly recommend them.
Shane Hinson
21:46 04 Sep 19
Tammy Meppen did an outstanding job. She was very informative to my inquiry and got me connected with a Specialist who kindly worked with my schedule to meet at our mountain property. When the Specialist was running late Tammy jumped on the phone to let me know there would be a delay. She went above and beyond to get me the help needed. Thank you.Smiths Ferry Idaho property
Debbra Hamilton
23:26 04 Aug 19
I received fast and efficient service. They finished the project on time and under budget! I highly recommend them!
Carrie Value
18:28 19 Jul 18
I need my roof repaired. Austin was very professional and timely in lining up my project. They worked closely with my insurance company to allocate the funds needed. The roofers he (Austin) had on the job were impeccable. By that i mean clean, professional& courteous. They picked up after themselves daily. You wouldn't even know they were here except for my brand new shiny roof.Austin was there every step of the way making sure i was completely satisfied in the end. thank you Disaster Response!
Sean Thueson
21:37 27 Apr 18
My crawl flooded and drowned my furnace eliminating my ability to keep my house warm for my new born son to sleep comfortably. The warm hearted team at Disaster Response didn't hesitate to get right on it and do everything necessary for my family to have a safe comfortable place to rest our heads. There isn't a more qualified company around to handle life's disasters .
Bobby Allen
05:11 11 Mar 18
I came home with my friend and found that her house had been flooded while she was away on a trip. She called Disaster Response and they came to the house super fast and immediately started working on the flooded areas. They were very polite and worked hard to get the job done. Joe and Robert were amazing and would definitely recommend them to help clean up your disasters!
NIcole Thiessen
01:37 11 Mar 18
Came back from CDA and my water heater had sprung a leak that went in to the wall and flooded my bathroom, laundry room, and guest bedroom and had leaked into my basement. Was very impressed with the politeness of both Joe and Robert that came in and how awesome they were working to get the job cleaned up. They were both very respectful and did an amazing job at moving belongings out of the way nearly and carefully. Would definitely recommend them for future work and for everyone who is in need of disaster response! Thank you guys!!
Heidi Carter
01:36 11 Mar 18
Unbelievable service and attention to detail. Working with DR was amazing, from the first call, issue review, plan of attack and to the finished service repair; DR was all over it AND professional. Hard to find in today's world. Thanks Alyssa for all the help, care and treating us like Family.
Sam Jordan
16:15 26 Feb 18
Absolutely fantastic customer service in a day and age where I think some businesses are forgetting that this is important. Went above and beyond our expectation of service and exemplify what it is to be a Five Star company! Can not thank you enough!
Jackie Smith
16:07 02 Feb 18

Fruitland, Idaho

The guys were at my house very quick and stayed well into the evening getting everything taken care of. Would definitely use them again#
Betsy Nelson
16:06 20 Oct 19
Disaster Response did an amazing job when our kitchen flooded. We figured we would be at least six months before getting things back together, but we would have never thought life would be back to normal after just a few weeks and that was with me making extra requests and even expecting excellent workmanship. Thank you.
Kevin Draper
16:19 13 Jun 19
I am a current employee working out of the fruitland office. And yes my 5 star review might be a little bias. But as an employee i feel that Disaster Response is a very neat, clean, friendly,and professional atmosphere. Most importantly i feel this certain sense of care for my safety as an employee which means the world going into someof these situations. Thanks for the opportunity to join such a wonderful team.
R3BELRang3r ___
16:26 05 Apr 19
This is an amazing service. Kenny to Personal Care tending to all of our needs structurally. Travis was so helpful quite an amazing talented young man.And then there's Sophia! This lady carried me through this day by day sorting through all of our personal loss. When I say carry I mean she actually carries your burden it's amazing and overwhelming to have somebody care so much. I would not have made it through this without Sophia and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.So now we are back in our home in an amazing time frame. It's something you don't wish for anybody to ever have to go through but if you have to go through it you want Disaster Response in your corner.
Cynthia Walker
23:44 10 Apr 18
Kenny, Pete and everyone there have been awesome to work with. Our house was partially burned, what wasn't burned was destroyed by smoke. They have rebuilt our home to better than I could have hoped for. They cleaned and restored what they could. Thanks everyone for all you have done!!!
Jeannine Hart
18:40 01 Mar 18
Peter Talamantes with Disaster Response was very helpful when my bathroom flooded. He walked me through the entire process, took time to answer all my questions, he was prompt in replying to emails and returning calls, his entire team was very professional and curtious. I could not be any happier with the end results. Thank you Peter, your amazing team and Disaster Response
Nikki Thiel
20:52 22 Feb 18
The library work and Mrs Smith room located in NP was professional awesomely done by SOPHIE & Lori of ( Disister response...) keep up the good work !!!!!
Wayne Williamson
20:14 18 Feb 18
the crew was very polite and worked fast and didn't miss anything. They did a great job. thanks.
Darla Collinsworth
22:28 02 Feb 18